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For Fresh Looking, Fully Rejuvenated Skin

Whether you’re off on holiday, or just want to treat yourself to the luxury of beautifully soft skin, a full body exfoliation is the perfect way to target dry or dull skin, leaving you with the ultimate youthful-looking glow.

As humans, we shed over 12000 skin cells every hour, and those dead cells sit on the top of your skin, making it look dehydrated and dull. Our Sugar Glow Scrub targets these dead skin cells, removing them from your skin along with any impurities so you can enjoy a rejuvenated, revitalized appearance.
Our Sugar Glow Scrub is an excellent choice if you are looking for an invigorating treatment that gives lasting results after you leave the spa.


The Benefits of a Sugar Glow Scrub: The Many Advantages of Having a Full Body Scrub

A Gentle, Natural Treatment

A sugar scrub is a less abrasive choice of scrub and is therefore suitable for most skin types. The natural ingredients ensure that it is safe for even sensitive skins.

Increased Blood Flow

Blood flow is stimulated through the scrub and massage movements, which helps with lymph drainage to target cellulite and improve skin tone. The increased circulation also helps to promote a feeling of energy and wellbeing.

Smooth, Soft Skin

Sloughing off the layer of dead skin cells and sealing in natural moisture will result in a long-lasting beautiful body complexion.

Improved Product Penetration

The hydrating treatment will work effectively following the body scrub as the skin has been prepared to help products penetrate the skin better.

Preparation for Other Treatments

If you plan on having a spray tan, a scrub will prepare your skin so that the tan will be more even. If the next steps is a wrap or mud treatment, the scrub will open the pores and ensure the skin is receptive.

Your Sugar Glow Scrub Treatment

Treatments are 60 minutes long and are focused on restoring your skin’s natural healthy glow. Your therapist will explain how the treatment works, which products will be used, and what she will be doing.

This uniquely exfoliating and hydrating body treatment is a two-step process:

• First, exfoliation using a blend of coconut milk and natural cane sugar

• Second, a relaxing rehydration treatment using White GingerLily Exotic Oil or another exotic oil of your choice

The therapist will work systematically across your body, rubbing, massaging and rinsing with warm water before switching to the next area. After hydration, you will be able to take a shower to remove any excess product. We recommend that you don’t use soap, but rather rinse to ensure that the oils can continue to work even after you leave the spa.

You can look forward to a glowing skin that is soft, smooth and silky, leaving you feeling pampered and energized. Whether you’re joining us for a stand-alone Sugar Glow Scrub, of it it’s part of a spa package; you’ll enjoy a sense of vitality after your treatment.

For Glowing Skin, Join Us at Paradise Point Spa

Our therapists look forward to welcoming you for a revitalizing Sugar Glow Scrub treatment in a calm, relaxed environment.

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