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Gua Sha Instant Lift Facial

A Natural, Effective Anti-Aging Treatment

Gua Sha Instant Lift Facials are designed to visibly firm and contour the face using ancient eastern practices to generate a glowing complexion. The treatment simultaneously stimulates blood circulation and promotes detoxification, while working to relax tense facial muscles that cause wrinkles to form.

The name Gua Sha comes from the two words Gua, “to scrape” and “sha” which refers to metabolic waste that affects energy and blood and causes pain. Together the words “Gua Sha” means the scraping or massaging of toxins away from the face, which is done with a Jade tool. This detoxification technique removes excess waste allowing for the creation of new, healthy cells.
At Paradise Point Spa, we offer a head to toe treatment, ending off with a restorative and invigorating foot massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered.


The Benefits of Gua Sha: The Many Advantages of This Ancient Healing Practice


A Gua Sha facial will act on the signs of aging by working to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, noticeably tighten the skin and decreased dark under eye circles and puffiness. It also works to lighten age spots and areas of skin discoloration. Regular Gua Sha facial treatments will aid in the appearance of plump skin, giving it a youthful glow.


Gua Sha for the face and neck is described as Eastern Botox or the Eastern Facelift, but importantly, there are no needles involved making it a more natural, less stressful option than other procedures.

Pain Relief

The massage technique Gua Sha offers pain relief as it is an anti-inflammatory therapy that effectively treats chronic pain as it soothes tight muscles in the face.

Tension Release

The combination of specific massage techniques, botanical essences and specialized jade tools release facial tension.


A Gua Sha facial effectively stimulates lymphatic drainage and releases toxins leading to improved circulation which effectively treats bloating.

A New Approach to an Age-Old Tradition

Your Gua Sha Treatment

We take a holistic approach to the wellness of each client, taking into account their unique skin condition and type and their requirements. Then, using industry-leading techniques, we work on the facial area to relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage. Gua Sha Instant Lift facials combine the age-old practice of Gua Sha with a modern mindset.

Our Instant Lift facials combine the use of:

• Specialized Jade tools that are designed to stimulate lymphatic drainage, release toxins, improve circulation and enhance natural hydration with a light pressure facial massage

• Botanical essences to nourish, replenish and fortify skin

Customized Gua Sha for Your Skin Type

With Gua Sha tension in the face is released, resulting in improved skin clarity and a reduction in puffiness. After a single Gua Sha facial, you will notice that your face, neck and decollete is noticeable smoother, tighter and more radiant.

Most skin types can benefit from a Gua Sha facial, although if you have a specific skin concern such as inflation or sensitivity, we will customize the treatment accordingly.

Your journey to natural wellness starts at Paradise Point Spa

We look forward to welcoming you at Paradise Point Spa for a customized Gua Sha Instant Lift Facial to instantly rewind the clock and offer visibly firmer, clearer skin.

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