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Bamboo Fusion Massage

Enhancing the Physical, Mental and Emotional Benefits of Massage

A Bamboo Fusion Massage offers a deep sense of relaxation and inner well-being that effectively reduces the impacts of stress from daily living. It is a natural way to treat muscle pain and tension that also plays an active role in injury prevention.

Join us for a Bamboo Fusion Massage that will work on problem areas where there is deep muscular pain and tension offering relief for migraines, muscular shortening, muscle tightness and more.
Bamboo Fusion Massage is an effective way to manage stress, as well as promoting overall health.


The Benefits of a Bamboo Fusion Massage

A Natural Detoxification

The motion of the bamboo sticks that alternate between rolling and kneading actions stimulate and warm the body working to dissipate toxins that have accumulated. Enhanced blood circulation throughout the body also helps to remove toxins that have built up as well as improving lymphatic drainage.

Treat Stubborn, Deep-Seated Muscle Tension Effectively

A bamboo fusion massage works like a deep tissue massage to release muscle tension through an intensive kneading process. It is particularly effective for sportsmen and women who struggle with muscle tightness in their legs and feet. It can also enhance sports performance and endurance after only a few sessions.

Muscle Pain Relief, Particularly for Women

The bamboo rolling movement stretches and elongates muscles providing relief for women suffering from shortened muscles as a result of postural imbalances. The gliding motion and intensive kneading are also effective in relieving neck, shoulder and back pain and stiffness and promoting increased flexibility. For many injuries, bamboo massage speeds up the process of rehabilitation and, as an extra boost, the endorphin release works as a natural pain killer.

A Spiritual Connection

A Bamboo Fusion Massage has a powerful impact on your mind and sense of well-being. The ancient harmony between the practice of massage and renewable, deeply rooted bamboo creates a deeper, more fulfilling experience. The impact of bamboo of the mind and body offers enhanced strength, flexibility and versatility through the massage.

Additional Applications

Bamboo massage relieves migraines, can improve sleep quality and assists with the management of breathing issues. The treatment can also relieve pain from arthritis, improve joint flexibility and assists with the removal of lactic acid build-up.

Your Bamboo Fusion Massage

Building on the benefits of a deep tissue massage, Bamboo Fusion uses heated rods of bamboo in a range of shapes and sizes to alternatively flush, press and knead the muscles.

The use of bamboo allows the therapist to work more intensively on deep-seated pain and tension. The healing benefits of the heated bamboo provide a soothing warmth as well as further promoting circulation and healing. The treatments can be booked as either a 60 minute or a 90-minute session.

Experience Full-Body Renewal

Our experienced therapists look forward to welcoming you for a transformative Bamboo Fusion Massage. Enjoy a pain and tension relief that a deep tissue massage offers paired with the healing benefits of bamboo rolling.

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