About Us

Paradise Point Spa

We are proud to be your oasis from the stresses of the world. From our facials to our acupuncture services, we do all we can to ensure you feel relaxed and beautiful at the end of it all.

Our Philosophy

Paradise Point Spa was created as a place to take a short getaway journey — a place to move forward in nature and peace.

Our logo, the Paradise Bird, is symbolic of the journey that the mind, body, and spirit experience at the spa.


Inside Paradise Point Spa, the space is thoughtfully designed, incorporating aspects of feng shui and the elements of earth, fire, wood, metal, and water. We embrace the healing wisdom of cultures from around the world for a holistic, organic approach to a luxurious, but affordable, spa experience.

There is a reverence for all that is natural in the design of our space, the purity of our products, and in our dedication to your beauty and wellness needs. We invite you to join us in the journey, the adventure, and the experience that is Paradise Point Spa!

We Invite You To Journey With Us
At Paradise Point Spa!