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P aradise Point Spa exalts the lives of its guests, by caring for their mind, body and spirit. Our vision is to build a family, dedicated to the wellbeing of the customers we serve. We project love and positive energy into everything we do. We are passionate about our guests and loyal to our people. We are diligent in our pursuit to provide a consistently elevated experience. We are honest in our obligation to be the beauty and wellness brand of choice.

There is a reverence for all that is natural in the design of our space, the purity of our products, and in our dedication to your beauty and wellness needs. We invite you to join us in the journey, the adventure, and the experience that is Paradise Point Spa! Schedule a spa treatment today. We invite you to journey with us at Paradise Point Spa.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Christine B.

    Highly Recommend!!!

    So happy & rejuvenated after visiting this spa! My friend & I had a body scrub, facial & scalp treatment…every part was 5 stars! Lindsey & Mary are the best! Very knowledgeable & technique is outstanding. I highly recommend!!!

    — Christine B.

    Christine B.
  • JD D.

    I Can’t Wait To Go Back!

    I went in to get a bamboo massage, which would be my first of this type of massage. There’s an area by the door where you change out of your shoes and into comfy sandals. This is excellent in the winter because of the slush and snow, but it’s great to keeping the facility clean, as well as being able to start to get into relaxation mode right away.

    I was taken on a tour of the facility and there are so many more things I want to go back and try. I was given a private locker that had a robe in it and was able to put all my clothes and belongings in there, then lock it up and take the key with me. There was nice, relaxing music you could hear, no matter where in the building you were. Chrissi did my massage and she was very personable and made me feel comfortable! Probably one of my favorite things is the heating pad they have on the massage bed to keep you warm during the massage. Everyone I encountered was pleasant.

    I can’t wait to go back!

    — JD D.

    JD D.
  • Samantha G.

    Great Massage Therapists!

    Paradise point spa is not only in a great location but has great massage therapists as well. I’m 8 months pregnant and had an amazing coconut and milk scrub by Clarice. Honestly the most relaxing and therapeutic scrub I’ve ever had and with being pregnant it’s not always easy to be relaxed but this was the perfect treatment and smelled lovely. I would highly recommend this spa if you are in the Wilmette location and Clarice if you want a professional and high-quality treatment.

    — Samantha G.

    Samantha G.
  • Colleen J.

    Exceeded My Expectations!

    Wow, Paradise Point Spa exceeded my expectations! I have to say, I was a little nervous trying out this spa because they are so new. But, as soon as I walked in the door, all of my nerves washed away. The welcoming staff and warm, tropical atmosphere with fresh scents permeating through the air, made me feel like I was in the tropics on vacation. I loved the experience so much, I went back two weeks in a row for a facial.

    Lindsey did 2 one-hour facials on me. OMG, I cannot say enough about how talented she is! Her passion for her profession was evident and vast knowledge about skin and the products they carry made me feel comfortable knowing that I was in good hands, literally, and that the treatments were going to help combat my problem areas. After both visits, I walked away glowing and feeling beautiful and my skin has never look so great, especially after having a baby.

    Again, I would highly recommend PPS. Based on my experiences, you can tell how much thought and energy went into the design and layout, as well as hiring extraordinary professionals! I cannot wait to go back!

    — Colleen J.

    Colleen J.